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Can I really win money for free in this Game?

Yes, Tick Tock is absolutely free to play and anyone can win Cash Prizes 4 different ways: Winning the Main Jackpot Game, Winning an Hourly Bonus Prize, Winning one of the many Money Battles available in each Game, or finishing in the Top 10 in any of the 3 different Leaderboard Categories. There could conceivably be hundreds of Players who win money in every single Game.

How do you win the Main Jackpot?

To win the Main Jackpot, you simply need to hold either the Current Bid position or the Longest Bid position when the Game Clock hits zero and ends the Game.  The Current Bidder and Longest Bidder at the end of the Game will split the Jackpot Prize, unless of course one Player holds both positions, in which case they win the entire Jackpot!

How does the Bonus Clock work?

A Bonus prize is paid out to the Player who achieves the Longest Bid in every Bonus Period of the Game.  The Bonus Clock will track the amount time left in each Bonus Period and will reset and start a new Bonus Period when the Bonus Clock expires.  There are no limits to the amount of Bonuses paid out in a Game and there are no limits to the amount of Bonus Prizes any one Player can win in a Game.

How often are new Jackpot Games created? Do I have to wait a day or a week for the next Game?

Games start Daily at 8pm EST.  Battles can be played 24 hours a day for the current Game available, up until it ends.  After that, Battles can immediately be played for the next available Game.

Can I join a Game that has already started?

Yes, Players can join any Game up until it ends.  After a Game ends, there is another immediately available to join for the next day.

Why does the Game Clock keep increasing?

10 seconds are added to the Game Clock every time a Player places a Bid, but the Game Clock will never exceed it’s original starting time of 10 Minutes.

What is the purpose of the Doomsday Clock?

The Doomsday Clock is meant to guarantee an eventual end to the Game. If the Doomsday Clock expires before the Game Clock, the Game is over and there are no Jackpot Winners.  Jackpots are then rolled into the next Game.

How much is a Bid worth?

Bids have no monetary value inside or outside the Game. Bids are used to play the Game and are used as “action” functions only, providing position in the Main Jackpot Games. Unused Bids in a Main Jackpot Game have no value and cannot be transferred or used in other Jackpot Games.

Why is my Bid Button disabled after I place a Bid?

Players are unable to place consecutive Bids in a Main Jackpot Game or Bid Battle. Players are only allowed to place one Bid at a time and cannot place another Bid until another Player has Bid. This is to prevent a single Player from driving up the Game Clock by bidding against himself. Bid Buttons are disabled after each Bid until another Player places a Bid, at which point it becomes active again.

I click on Bid and someone else is the Current Bidder, is my Bid not going through?

If this happens, it is most likely because the Bids came in simultaneously, and the Current Bidder came in shortly after yours by fractions of a second. This will be a common occurrence. To check to make sure your Bid went through, click on the “My Bids” button on the Home screen to see a record of your Bid History in the Game.

Is it possible to tie the Longest Bid in a Jackpot Game? If I tie for the Longest Bid, what happens?

Technically it is possible to tie for the Longest Bid, but Tick Tock is designed to prevent ties as best as possible by calculating Bid Length to the thousandth of a second. That said, all ties in Tick Tock are broken by recognizing the first person to achieve a score as the higher score. So, if multiple Players achieve the same Longest Bid time, the first person to have obtained it is the winner and will receive the Jackpot split by themselves. In order to beat the Longest Bid score, you have to surpass it, not just tie it.

How do I unlock Bid Battle Levels?

Locked Bid Battle Levels can be unlocked by winning 5 Battles at the previous Level. Since Level 1 is unlocked from the start, you must win 5 Battles at Level 1 to unlock Level 2, win 5 Battles at Level 2 to unlock Level 3, and so on and so forth. You can also immediately unlock Bid Battle Levels at any time via In App Purchase.

What are Tickets used for?

Tickets are used to join Money Battles, which allow you to play a Battle for a Cash Prize. Money Battle Levels require different amounts of tickets to play. For example, Level 1 Money Battles require 1 ticket to play, but Level 5 requires 5 Tickets to play, so you have to strategically decide how to use your Tickets and when.

How do I unlock Money Battles?

Money Battles are unlocked for free by winning 5 Battles at Bid Battle Level 5. You can also choose to unlock all Money Battles immediately via In App Purchase for $4.99.

Can I play in a Money Battle once it is unlocked?

Even when Money Battles are unlocked, you will still need a Money Battle Ticket to play in a Money Battle.

How do I earn Money Battle Tickets?

Money Battle Tickets are earned by playing and winning Battles. Earn 1 Money Battle Ticket for every 1 Battle win or for every 3 Battle Win Streak. All types of Battles (Bid Battles, Risk Battles, and Money Battles) are included in Total Wins and Battle Streaks for earning Money Battle Tickets.

Is there a limit to the amount of Money Battle Tickets I can earn?

No, there is no limit to Money Battle tickets per player.

I have unlocked Money Battles and have earned a Money Battle Ticket, but there are no Money Battles available. Why is that?

There are a limited number of Money Battles created in each Main Jackpot Game, so once they are played, they are gone. You want to use your Money Battle Tickets as quickly as possible to play for Cash Prizes, otherwise you risk earning a Money Battle Ticket that you cannot use.

Will new Money Battles be created once they are all gone?

Tick Tock Administrators may add more Money Battles during the course of a Game, but that is at the discretion of the Tick Tock Administrators. Be sure to keep your Push Notifications on to be alerted when new Money Battle become available.

What happens if I run out of Bids, am I out of the Game?

If you run out of Bids before the Doomsday Clock expires, you are not out of the Game. You can play Bid Battles until the Doomsday Clock expires to earn more Bids. Once the Doomsday Clock expires, if you run out of Bids, you will be eliminated from the Game because you won’t be able to earn more Bids.

If I am eliminated from the Game, am I still able to win money?

Yes, being eliminated from the Game does not affect your ability to win money. If you have the Current Bid, the Last Bid, or finish in the Top 10 of the Leaderboard Categories, you still win money, even if you are eliminated. It will be harder to win money since you will no longer be playing and other Players can beat your scores, but not impossible.

Can I win money for finishing a Game on the Leaderboard?

Top 10 Leaderboard finishes are no longer available for prizes.  That may change in the future, but for now, there are no Leaderboard prizes.

If I finish in more than one Top 10 place on the Leaderboard, can I win more than once?

Leaderboard prizes are not currently available.

My score was tied with someone in the Top 10 of the Leaderboard, but I finished outside the Top 10 and did not win a cash prize. Why is that?

All ties in Tick Tock are broken by recognizing the first person to achieve a score as the higher score. If 20 Players all tie with the same score, only the first 10 to achieve those scores will finish in the Top 10, in order of achievement.

If I close the App, will I stay in the Game?

Closing the App does not eliminate you from the Game. The Game will continue even if you are not in the App, but you want to check back periodically to check Game status, because it could end while you are away. You will receive Push Notifications when the Doomsday Clock expires as well as when the Game Clock dips under 1 minute, so the Game will alert you before it ends. When you return, you will see current status and be able to pick up where you left off.

My App says the Game Clock hit zero, but the Game kept going and time keeps getting added. What is happening?

Depending on your device connection speed and signal strength, there may be latency in getting information from the Game Server. Results on your local App may not always be in sync with the Game Server, which could lead to occurrences such as this. It is important to note that official Game Results are tracked at the Server level, not the local App level. If you are experiencing latency such as this, try and move to a location with a better connection to improve performance of the App.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

You probably do if your winnings are over a certain amount. You should consult a Tax Professional with any questions regarding taxes on winnings. Winnings will be reported to the IRS by Tick Tock, so don’t forget to pay those taxes!

How do I withdraw my winnings?

Players with a minimum of $5 in their account may Cash Out at any time by clicking the Cash Out button in the Profile Section. Cashing Out will trigger a cashout process that requires communication between the Player and the Tick Tock Cashout team. Players will be contacted via email with instructions and necessary paperwork (Personal and Tax Information) needed to process the Cashout. Failure to provide all correct information may result in a failure to process the Cashout. Cashouts will be processed via Paypal, so players must have an active Paypal Account to process their Cashout. Additional Payout methods may be added in the future.