Rules of the Game

Note that Apple is not a sponsor of Tick Tock and is not involved in any way with the games, contests, or sweepstakes offered by Tick Tock.

Joining a Game

  1. Tick Tock Games are available to US Players only and prizes will only be paid out to US based players until further notice.
  2. Players must first register for an Account to be eligible to play a Main Jackpot Game. 
  3. Players may only register for one Account per Phone Number.
  4. To join a Main Jackpot Game, simply register for an Account and click the “Join Game” button on the Home screen.
  5. Players are limited to joining and playing one Jackpot Game per Account at a time.  You will not be able to play multiple Jackpot Games at the same time.  If you wish to join a new Jackpot Game and are currently active in another Jackpot Game, you must quit the current Jackpot Game to join the new Jackpot Game.
  6. Quitting a Main Jackpot Game will forfeit any Bids or Money Battle Tickets you have acquired, but Players will still be eligible to win prizes they are in position to win (Last Bid, Longest Bid, Top 10 Leaderboard payouts).  Any money earned from Money Battle wins will be credited to Player accounts immediately, so quitting a Main Jackpot Game has no effect on money earned.
  7. No Bids in the Main Jackpot Game will be allowed to be placed until the Game begins and the Game Clock starts running.
  8. Players who join a Main Jackpot Game that has not yet started will be allowed to play Battles while they wait for the Main Jackpot Game to begin.  All Battle wins will count towards the Main Jackpot Game the Player has joined, even if the Game has not started yet.

Playing the Main Jackpot Game

  1. The primary objective of the game is to place a Bid, or a series of Bids, as a Game Clock counts down to zero, and to be the last player to place a Bid, or hold the longest single bid time, when the Game Clock expires.  The player/players with the Last Bid and the Longest Bid when the Game Clock expires will be the winners and that game will be over. 
  2. If the Doomsday Clock expires before the Game clock expires, the Main Jackpot Game is over and there are no Winners for Longest Bid or Last Bid for the Game, and the Jackpot will be rolled into the next Game.
  3. Bids represent the “actions” or “mechanics” of the game and are what players use to actually play.  Bids distinguish “position” in the Game, not a promise to purchase anything as in an auction.
  4. Each player enters the game with a predetermined amount of Starting Bids. 
  5. Bids will be good for the duration of the Game and can be used at any time.
  6. Additional Bids can be added by participating in “Battles”.  Battles are smaller, quicker versions of the Main Jackpot Game that can be played in a few minutes. 
  7. Each individual player has their own Bid Bank, where accumulated Bids are stored and available Bids are visible at all times.
  8. Bids have no monetary value or monetary association and are only good to be used in the Game they are accumulated in.  Once a Game has officially ended, any Bids remaining in a player’s Bid Bank will be lost.  Bids are never carried over from one Main Jackpot Game to another.
  9. There are no limits to the amount of Bids that can be acquired during a Game.
  10. The Main Jackpot Game will officially begin at predetermined dates and times.  These dates and times may vary and are at the discretion of Tick Tock Management.  Dates and Times of the next Game are always available to Players on the Home Page of the App or website.
  11. Game Clock and Doomsday Clock starting times may vary from Game to Game, but once they are established and the game has started, will not be changed during the course of the game.
  12. Once a Bid is placed, the player making the Bid will be positioned as the having the “Current Bid”, until another Bid comes in to replace it. The length of the “Current Bid” is tracked in real time for all Players to see.
  13. After each Bid is placed in the Game, 5 seconds will be added back on to the Game Clock, increasing the time left in the Game. The Game Clock shall never exceed its original starting time.  Additional Bids can only push the Game Clock back to its original starting position, where it will immediately begin counting down again.
  14. A player is not allowed to make consecutive Bids in the Game or in Battles.  Once a Bid has been placed, a player will not be allowed to make another Bid until after a different player makes a Bid that replaces his original Bid.  (ie: players cannot Bid against themselves to bump the Game Clock up)
  15. The Doomsday Clock does not have a reset function of any kind, nor can time be added back to it, and will run continuously and uninterrupted until it has expired.
  16. When the Doomsday Clock has officially expired, the Game is over, no matter how much time remains on the Game Clock.
  17.  If the Doomsday Clock expires before the Game Clock, there will be no Winners for Longest Bid or Last Bid and the Main Jackpot will roll into the next Game.
  18. When the Game Clock completely expires by reaching zero, the game will officially end. The Last Bid placed in the game before Game Clock expiration as well as the Longest Bidder (the single Bid that lasted the longest amount of time) of the entire Game will be deemed the winners and split the Main Jackpot prize.

Playing Battles

  1. Battles are 5 Player, quicker versions of the Main Jackpot Game that can be played in a few minutes to earn more Bids or Cash Prizes. 
  2. There are 3 Types of Battles: Bid Battles, Risk Battles, and Money Battles.
    1. Bid Battles allow Players to earn new Bids for use in the Main Jackpot Game.
    2. Risk Battles allow Players to risk their own Bids against other Players to earn larger Bid Jackpot Prizes.
    3. Money Battles allow Players to play for real cash prizes.
      1. Money Battles require Money Battle Tickets to play, which can be earned for every 5 Battle wins or 3 Battle Win streak in a Main Jackpot Game.
      2. Money Battle Tickets are only valid for the Main Jackpot Game they are earned and cannot be carried over into other Main Jackpot Games.  Any unused Money Battle Tickets will be lost when a Main Jackpot Game is complete.
      3. There are no caps to how many Money Battle Tickets that can be earned during a Main Jackpot Game.
  3. To Join a Battle, go to the Battle Lobby and select the type of Battle you want to join.  Players will see a list of Battle Levels for each Type of Battle. Click to join any unlocked Battle Level available.
  4. Locked Bid Battle Levels can be unlocked by winning 5 Battles in the previous Level or unlocked immediately via In App Purchase. 
  5. Money Battles can be unlocked by winning 5 Battles at Bid Battle Level 5 or unlocked immediately via In App Purchase at any time.
  6. Players may unlock all Levels for All Battles (Bid and Money) immediately via In App Purchase at any time.
  7. After clicking to join a Battle, the Player will wait for their Battle seat to be found.
  8. Once seated at a Battle table, Players will wait for 5 Players to join before a Battle begins.
  9. At any time, Players can toggle back to the Main Jackpot Game and place Bids while they are playing Battles.
  10. The Battle will begin when 5 Players have been seated.
  11. Each player starts with a fixed number of 10 Bids and cannot add any more.  Battle Bids have no value in the Main Jackpot Game and only have meaning in the Battle they are issued.  Battles Bids are only good for the Battle they are issued in and cannot be carried over into other Battles.
  12. The Battle Clock is only 60 seconds, with 5 second additions with each Bid, never to exceed the original starting time of 60 seconds.
  13. Unlike the Main Jackpot Game, players will have full visibility of how many Bids their 4 Battle Opponents have remaining in each Battle.
  14. When the Battle Clock hits zero, the Battle will be over and the Last Bidder and Longest Bidder of the Battle will split the Battle Prize.


  1. Players can win prize money 3 ways:
    1. Be the Last Bidder or Longest Bidder in the Main Jackpot Game.
    2. Win a Bonus Prize.
    3. Achieve a Battle Streak of 3 or greater.
  2. Player Accounts will be credited with their money balance immediately after earning their prize money.  Player balances can be viewed by accessing the Profile section of the App.
  3. Players with a minimum of $5 in their account may Cash Out at any time by clicking the Cash Out button in the Profile Section. Players with under $5 in their account will not be able to Cashout until they meet the $5 minimum.
  4. Cashing Out will trigger a cashout process that requires communication between the Player and the Tick Tock Cashout team.  Players will be contacted via email with instructions and necessary paperwork (Personal and Tax Information) needed to process the Cashout.
  5. Failure to provide all correct paperwork may result in a failure to process the Cashout.
  6. Cashouts will be processed via Paypal, so players must have an active Paypal Account to process their Cashout.  Additional Payout methods may be added in the future.